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Monday, November 4, 2013

Recipe: Vegan Hot White Chocolate

Today was a rainy day here in Austin and I decided to make this because I do not like the taste of real chocolate (weird! I know!). Also, I cannot drink milk anymore. So, I took this recipe and made it a little bit different.



1. Melt chocolate in a small pot with low heat 

2. Add coconut milk when the chocolate is melting and raise the temperature (medium).

3.Mix with a wooden spoon.

4. When it starts boiling remove from heat and put in desired container, then add nutmeg.

5. Add cinnamon.

6. You can add whipped cream and add the nutmeg and the cinnamon after.

I decided to have my drink with a slice of vanilla cake with almonds. It is definitely a fall drink that tastes great and has a light consistency. I hope y'all like it :)



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