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Friday, August 22, 2014

Costa Rica (Villa Caletas and Fruit Market)

On the second day of our trip we went to a hotel called Villa Caletas. It had a private beach, a restaurant and an amazing pool. 

 My mom ordered a Costa Rican Ceviche and it came with green fried plantains.

My dad ordered the Penne Frutti di Mare, and it was so good. The food had so much flavor and the presentation was so clean.

We then got some coffee and dessert. My dad ordered a moccachino and we all got some arroz con leche (Rice pudding) and fresh fruit.

We then headed to the beach. It was in an Atlantic Ocean beach. The water was too cold so I did not get in!

The pool at the Hotel was gorgeous! it had an Ocean view and it was breathtaking.

 After an entire day at Villa Caletas we were on our way back to our Hotel in Cariari and we saw a fruit market on the side of the road. We stopped because it all looked so colorful, the guy who sold us the fruit was the son of the owner and after taking to him for a while we bought so many things. My favorite fruit was the Rambutan, it looks like a giant white grape but it tastes like grape and coconut.



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