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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Affordable Business Casual Outfits: Pants

On the second edition of the affordable office outfits, I wanted to pants because if your office is as cold as all the offices I have worked at, bare legs won't cover it. Most of these outfits are from JCPenney, which is a great place to find affordable work clothes and they usually have cute and comfortable things!

This first outfit is a very plain yet simple look that can be elevated with heels or wedges. The shirt is from JCPenney and the pants are from Sam's Club!! 

This outfit is a super simple yet simple way to incorporate bold colors into your everyday looks. The shirt is from JCPenney and the pants are from Zara. 

 On this last outfit I wanted to wear jeans in a more office-acceptable way. The jeans are from Walmart and the blouse is from JCPenney. 

- If you're going to wear jeans, make sure they don't have rips or holes in them. Walmart and Fashion Nova have great solid jeans that will look good with any shirt or blouse. 

- Make sure you wear a belt if the pants are a little loose around the waist, nobody wants to see your underwear!

- Make sure you buy pants that fit properly, not too tight nor too loose. Fitted pants always make the look more put together!

- Lastly, if the hem is too long, please, please, please don't drag your pants and ruin the fabric! you can always emergency staple the hem until you find a place to hem your pants. 


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