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Monday, March 23, 2020

Home Bar

I have been building my home bar for the couple of months and I think I'm finally ready to share it with the world. It does come at an unfortunate time because of everything that is going on with the pandemic but I'm hoping I can inspire some of y'all to start a new home project!

1. The first thing you need is either a cart or a shelf. I got mine from Ikea and it was originally a kitchen island.

2. Next, you need to decide on a color scheme for your hardware and tools. I went with black, gold and marble. 

3. Once you have bought your tools, you can choose a couple of drinks that you really enjoy and buy the ingredients for those drinks. Don't sweat it with buying everything at once because it can get pretty pricey. 

4. Find inexpensive places to buy glassware. I got mine from Amazon, Target and Walmart. I have seen some awesome stuff from the Dollar Store. So just make sure you are patient when you go out to look for glassware. 

5. Make sure you make a list to check off what items you need. Again, don't try to buy everything at once because it will get expensive!

6. A wine rack always adds something extra. I got mine from Amazon.

7. Adding a bowl of lemons or walnuts adds some really nice finishing touches. A bar tending book also helps when you want to venture out with drinks. 


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