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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walking Around Austin II

This past Saturday, my friend Brenda and I decided to spend the day doing more touristy things here in Austin. We've both been living here for about 3 years and you would say we do these things all the time, but between going to school and work, you really don't get to see all the places that Austin has to offer. 

 We first went to Mount Bonnell with the idea of an early morning workout, but that just didn't happen! The view was breathtaking and the houses were amazing! The weather was finally decent enough to go outside and not wear 3 jackets and 2 pants! 
 After that, we went to my favorite Italian restaurant in South Congress: Enoteca Vespaio. This place has the most delicious gnocchis I've ever had in my life! I swear if I could eat that stuff everyday I would. 

and of course you got to add cheese to your pasta!

My friend Brenda got the Sausage & Pepper Forno Panini

 Later in the day, we needed some coffee and we definitely didn't want Starbucks so we went to Monkey Nest. Brenda ordered a latte and a banana muffin and I ordered an americano with a vegan carrot cake. 



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