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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Happy 6th Anniversary to ALM!

Today is a special day here at A Lovely Mix because my blog turns 6! I have learned so much along the way!
In honor of ALM turning 6, here are 6 lessons I learned about blogging:

1. Don't be afraid to be yourself

It sounds super corny but it's true! You want to wear that crazy outfit? do it! You want to take that fun picture in the middle of the street? Do it! People will talk regardless, so just do you!

2. Invest in a good camera

A blog is all about the visuals! A good quality visual will make the overall aesthetic of your blog so much better!

3. Invest time into your blog

I think about my blog as an extension of me, I want to make sure that it represents me when people look at it. Take a little bit of time every day or every other day to work on your blog, your posts, or just to figure out ideas for posts. 

4. Don't buy clothes only for blog posts

This is something I hear people say a lot when they are starting their blogs. The thing people need to remember is that the blog is an expression of your personal style not the other way around. It's important that buy wearable pieces, things you will actually wear outside of a blog post.

5. Be patient with people who are nice enough to help you

A lot of times, my mom will help with pictures or a friend will help me. It's important to be patient with the people that are graciously giving you their time to help you! If they don't know how to use your camera, explain it to them nicely! You need a picture done a certain way? Have them pose the way you want the picture, take it, and show them what you're looking for. Nice goes a long way!

 6. Have Fun!

A blog to me is all about a way to release stress and be able to express yourself. Although some times you might stress about posting at a certain time or within a certain time frame, it is important to always take a step back and relax!


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