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Monday, April 13, 2020

Cheeseboard Ideas

I am a huge fan of cheeseboard but I'm also a student and I don't have a lot of money to spend on cheeses, fruits or meats. So, this is a quick and inexpensive cheeseboard idea. 

1. Start with a clean base

I like marble and white boards. I have this one from Williams-Sonoma which also has matching knives and serving spoons. But it does not need to be a fancy one. Olive wood can also look really pretty, this one from Target is fairly inexpensive. Another good option is rustic slate, Walmart has this one for a really good price.

2. Get clean and crisp fruits and vegetables

Berries and apples are always a good choice but you can also add grapes or vegetables like celery and carrots.

3. Jam, honey or sweet spread

Jams are always good with spread-y cheeses like brie but you can also have honey or maple syrup. My favorite jam or preserve is Trader Joe's Apricot Jam.

4. Select cheeses that you already know and enjoy

I think a good rule of thumb is to add at least two kinds of cheese but if you only have budget for one, one it is! A good staple cheese is brie but if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar. It's kind of a mix of white cheddar and Parmesan cheese and also Trader Joe's Chèvre.

5. Crackers & Bread

Get a good mix between salty and sweet so your guests have choices. I really like Carr's crackers, Trader Joe's Fig and Olive Oil Crackers, and Sesame Crackers. But the world is your oyster! Soda crackers and Ritz's are always a good and inexpensive choice. A toasted baguette cut in small portions or toasted little breads are always a good pair with cheese and fruits.

6. Nuts & Seeds

I like a selection of nuts and seeds. They can't be too small or it will be difficult for people to serve themselves. Pecans and walnuts are always a good choice. 

7. Meats & Cold Cuts

I'm not particularly fond of cold cuts just because I am allergic to beef and pork and most of the curated good meats are pork and beef. If I could eat some, I would add prosciutto and Genovese salami. 

8. Decors

Generally, decors can be herbs like rosemary and thyme. Which can also double as garnish for the finished crackers or breads. However, because we are balling on a budget, I did not get any decors. 

9. Chocolate and Candies

Again, another item I'm not fond of but I have seen beautiful boards with peanut brittle and dark chocolate pieces that pair really good with cheeses like brie. 

10. Placement 

I like to search different kinds of cheese and charcuterie boards from Pinterest but there are also great accounts on Instagram where they share beautiful boards! I really like @thatcheeseplate and @figandhoneylavishgrazing. I also have a Pinterest board you can follow for more inspo. 


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