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Friday, November 13, 2020

Victoria in Baton Rouge

It doesn't have a ring to it at all! (LOL) but it's ok, in my head I live somewhere else that does match with my name! I have been working with Partners One in social media campaigns this year for their Moxey Cards. They can be used in so many local business in Baton Rouge! I decided to try Eye Wonder Photography and live my best Gigi Hadid life, sans the hair, face, body, and of course height! 

I had never done anything like this, so I was a little anxious about the process. However, the very sweet people at Eye Wonder made me feel so calm, and the whole shoot went so smoothly! 

Here is a behind the scenes little snap. I really loved doing this shoot and I highly recommend Aaron and his team! We did a couple more looks that are to die for, which I will be posting in the following weeks.


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